1. Can I pay the Consular service fee in cash?

Answer: Bangladesh Consulate General does not accept any cash payment. Only accepted payment methods are: Online payment/Debit card/Credit card/Bank draft/Postal order. Please visit https://bdcgtoronto.ca/index.php/general-information/#consularfees for consular fees.

2. To get a ‘No Visa Required (NVR)’ stamp for family members, do I have to bring all my family members?

Answer: No, only one of the family members may come for submission or collection. But the Consulate General needs to be confirmed that the person carrying the passports is a family member of other applicants.

3. Can we renew Bangladeshi Passport from Toronto?

Answer: Not yet, Consulate General and the DIP are working on the installation process. For immediate Passport related issues, please contact Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa https://www.bdhcottawa.ca.

4. Do you have photocopy facility at the Consulate General?

Answer: Yes, we do. You can use photocopier facility inside the Consulate General. The machine charges 25 cents per page and it only accepts coins.

5. What is the measurement of the required photo?

Answer: The accepted photo size is 35 x 45 mm for all the applications.

6. Can I learn Bangla in Consulate?

Answer: No, unfortunately we do not have any facility as such.

7. Can we do the National ID card from your mission?

Answer: Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto does not issue ‘National ID card’ related service yet. For any information on NID, please visit http://www.nidw.gov.bd for more information.

8. Why we can’t do POA with expired passport?

Answer: Bangladesh Government requires a valid Bangladeshi Passport or National ID card for POA application. If the applicant wants to submit POA application with expired Passport or other non-photo id, the Consulate General would not assume any responsibility for onward verification process in Dhaka.  

9. Is it compulsory to attest authorization letter while doing passport attestation for Police Verification Certificate?

Answer: It is not compulsory. But since the first 5 pages bear the same application fee for attestation, if the applicant wants may get the authorization letter attested along with passport attestation.

10. Why do we need a copy property ownership document for doing POA?

Answer: Consulate General needs to ascertain that actual owner(s) or successor(s) is signing the POA before attestation. Applicant(s) can proof ownership by providing copy(ies) of Ownership deed, copy of Naam jari, Land revenue payment receipt which match the Daag number, RS Khatian, and CS Khatian etc. of the land. Please visit Power of Attorney page for details.

11. Why the witness should be from Canada for POA?

Answer: The main purpose of witness on a document is to witness the signatories, since the document is signed in Canada, witness(s) must be from Canada.

12. Is Notarization compulsory for POA document?

Answer: Notarization is not compulsory. It is only required if the POA executant(s) can’t be present at the Consulate General to sign the document.

13. Does the Consulate General attest Canadian document?

Answer: The Consulate General does not directly attest or certify Canadian documents unless it is attested by the Global Affairs Canada or enlisted Notary Public.

14. If my kids have MRP passports, can I send the passports to Ottawa by mail?

Answer: Please contact Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa https://www.bdhcottawa.ca.

15. Can the Consulate General help to find a lawyer at Bangladesh?

Answer: Sorry, Consulate General is not authorized to do so.

16. Do Embassy send our POA document to Bangladesh?

Answer: The executant or recipient may please submit the POA before the appropriate authority(s) in Bangladesh.

17. How can a foreign-born children/spouse get a ‘No Visa Required’ stamp if the father/mother/spouse is a Bangladeshi origin Canadian citizen without Bangladeshi passport or National ID card?

Answer: Please refer to ‘Foreign-born Children’ & ‘Foreign Spouse’ section at https://bdcgtoronto.ca/index.php/no-visa-required.

18. If the applicant does not have enough time to receive Bangladeshi passport after applying for one, how will they do POA signing?

Answer: Applicant should have valid Bangladeshi passport or NID for executing POA.

19. Can I get Dual Citizenship Certificate from your Consulate?

Answer: Eligible person may apply for dual citizenship through the Consulate General, Consulate General will only forward the application to the Security Services Division, Ministry of Home Affairs Bangladesh.