Alive Certificate

Alive Certificate is required for Pensioners. To obtain an Alive Certificate, the applicant needs to provide a notarized affidavit to the effect that he/she is alive. Physical present at the Consulate General is mandatory for issuing an Alive Certificate.

Requirements for issuing an Alive Certificate:

i) Copy of the valid or expired Bangladesh passport or Bangladesh National ID
ii) 1 passport size colour photograph(45mmX35mm) with white background; not be older than 6 months
iii) Canadian photo ID i.e. PR card or Driver’s License or Passport
iv) In case the applicant is not able to come to the Consulate General physically, a medical statement from a practicing family physician attested by an appropriate authority needs to be submitted
v) Payment by Bank draft/Money Order/Certified Cheque or by credit/debit card at the Consulate General
vi) Personal appearance is mandatory if the applicant is physically fit.

Step 1:

Download and print the ‘Alive Certificate Application Form;complete each part of the application and sign. Applicant’s signature in the Alive Certificate Application Form must match with the Bangladesh Passport or National ID.

General Instructions for filling up the Alive Certificate Application Form:

1. Attach a colour photograph (45mm x 35mm) photographs with white background; not older than 6 months.
2. Personal details and Payment details (as applicable) must be filled in.
3. Apply with all required documents, otherwise, application will not be considered for Attestation.
4. Use Tick mark (√) in the check Box.
5. Deposit appropriate fee to the bank and attach the bank draft/money order/certified cheque and attach on the top of the application form.
6. Paid fee is non-refundable.

Step 2:

Pay an amount of C$40 (Regular Delivery) or C$60 (Express Delivery) by debit/credit card at the Consulate or Bank Draft/Money Order/Certified Cheque addressed to the “Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto”, please see Consular Fees. The Consulate General of Bangladesh does not accept any cash.

Step 3:

Applicant needs to book an appointment with the Consulate General. Please click to book your appointmentApplicant should bring all required documents mentioned above during the appointment with the Consulate General.

If the applicant is not able to come to the Consulate General physically, an authorised person on his/her behalf may come to the Consulate General with a medical statement from a family physician (attested by an appropriate authority) and all required documents.

Step 4:

The Consular Agent will examine the documents, if found satisfactory the Alive Certificate will be issued.